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Custom Graphics

One of the most appealing aspects of the Internet today is the wide variety of graphics that are available. Whether you have a personal site for showing off your pets, a business site for selling your original quilting designs, or an informational site notifying your visitors of the latest developments in golf clubs, chances are there are graphics out there that fit your needs. And if not, there are thousands of designers willing to make your graphic dreams a reality.

At Falcin, we strive to create graphics that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that complement the purpose and construction of the site as a whole. Generally, graphics for personal sites will have a "homey" feel, while graphics for business sites will be more professional-looking, and may reflect the nature of the business. Graphic sets can range from a background, bar, and navigational buttons to a Java-scripted interface with a matching splash page, with different sections for sub-navigation of the site. Consequently, we are unable to offer pricing for custom graphics on a package or hourly basis. Each design is quoted individually, after we get an idea of the style and layout of the site. We will also include updates of the graphics, if requested. This typically involves creating additional buttons/navigational elements, as the site grows.

We offer several pricing packages for your convenience. Want a personalized quotation for your site? Fill out our Quotation Form. Questions about our graphic design? Contact Us.

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