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Site Design

Designing a website involves many steps, most of which take place well before the first piece of HTML is coded. The most important of these is defining the site's purpose and goals. Buildings do not get constructed because "everyone else is doing it," and neither should websites. Once the purpose and goals are defined, and plans for future growth are established, we will research other websites in the same niche for comparison, and then begin laying out the navigation - the foundation of the site.

In order to develop an efficient navigation system, we must outline the content of the site - the blueprint. We will convert your printed material for use on the Internet, or we will assist you in creating new content. We will also advise on designing for accessibility, and work with you on marketing and promotion of your site.

The next step is the interior design of the site. This may be as simple as blocks of color, or may consist of graphic images for everything from the background to buttons, bars, bullets, and banners. We will use existing graphics, or create custom graphics designed specifically for your site.

Once all of these elements are brought together, we begin construction on your site. This can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the site and the graphics used. We offer several pricing packages which should fit the needs of most sites. If you need something outside of our packages, we will prepare an individual quotation, taking all of the pre-construction issues into consideration and allowing for adjustments and changes along the way. We will also include post-construction work if requested, including site maintenance, updates, and the addition of new pages/new content as needed. Typical site maintenance includes text changes, image changes, regular evaluation of site statistics, SEO revision, search engine submission, and checking/repairing links. Updates include adding show results, litter announcements and updates, and adding new pages within the package limits.

We offer several pricing packages for your convenience. Want a personalized quotation for your site? Fill out our Quotation Form. Questions about our site or graphic design? Contact Us.

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